Sunday, August 7, 2011

Knowledge Project: Fitness & Health

Value Project:  Knowledge  (It's the 3rd suggested project on p. 42 of your book)
Date:  Spring 2011 (don't have exact date)
Leaders:  Sister Shearer and Stevens
Participants:  Rachel, Jessica, Ellen, Maya, Kylie, Callie, Olivia, Michaela, Linly, Aunika

Accomplished at Activity:
  • Read D&C 89
  • Learned how to stretch and do proper warm-ups and exercises at Klamath Gymnastics
  • Discussed individual fitness needs
  • Ate a healthy snack and discussed daily caloric needs and calorie content of various common snacks
Still Need to Do:
  • Develop and implement a regular fitness program (participating in an sport, attending a gym, or you can make your own regimen of pushups and exercises to do at home!)
  • Learn to cook and eat food that is part of a healthful diet

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