Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good Works #6: Personal Progress Activity

Value Experience:  Good Works #6
Dates & Participants: Varies

Accomplished at Activities:

This one is easy peasy, ladies! All you have to do is spend 3 hours giving service outside of your family, then write in your journal. Below are 3 service activities we've done as a group in the recent past. We don't have names of participants, but you should remember if you were there!
  • Spring 2011:  During Mutual we helped Sister Coffman's wife clean and pack the brick house across the street from the church after the death of her father.  This counts as 1 hour.
  • Spring 2011:  During Mutual we planted flowers around the church building to beautify the grounds and neighborhood. This counts as 1 hour. 
  •  Fall 2009 and 2010:  Went to the church welfare program pear farm to pick pears. This counts as one hour each time you went.
If you don't have 3 total hours from these, you can make up the rest with a different service activity. Click on Good Works at the top for ideas!

Still Need To Do:
  • Record in your journal the reactions of the person you served and possible goals for future service opportunities. Record reactions for each different service you performed.

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