Sunday, August 7, 2011

Knowledge #7: Personal Progress Activity

Value Experience:  Knowledge #7
Date:  Spring 2011 (don't have exact date)
Leaders:  Sister Richardson, Stevens, and Shearer
Participants:  Linly, Jessica, Rachel, Michaela, Olivia, Maya, Kylie, Callie (there may have been others)

Accomplished at Activity:
  • Discussed various types of emergency kits for families and looked at and discussed the contents of emergency kits brought by the Richardson family, the Shearer family, and the Budden family
  • Given and reviewed a list of basic needs for family emergency kits
Still Need To Do:
  • Review teachings for first aid, safety, sanitation, and survival in your Young Women's Camp Manual and note in your journal how you could apply them in your home to keep your family safe
  •  Teach a family home evening lesson or share with a Young Women leader what you have learned and what additional skills you would like to learn to be prepared for emergencies

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