Teaching Schedule

All lessons are currently from Young Women Manual 1

Arise and Shine as a Daughter of God

Jan 1      Lesson 1:  A Daughter of God                             Sis Davis
Jan 8      Lesson 2:  Jesus Christ, the Savior                      Sis Budden
Jan 15    Lesson 3:  Following the Example of Christ       Sis Budden
Jan 22    Lesson 4:  Seeking the Companionship...            Sis Budden

Arise and Shine as We Fulfill Our Divine Roles as Women

Jan 29     Lesson 5:  Finding Joy in our Divine...              5th Sunday
Feb 5      Stake Conference
Feb 12    Lesson 6:  Finding Joy Now                               Sis Olsen
Feb 19    Lesson 7:  Homemaking                                     Sis Budden
Feb 26   Ward Conference                                                Stake Leaders?
Mar 4     Lesson 8:  Attitudes about our Divine...             Sis Stevens      

Arise and Shine as a Family Member

Mar 11     Lesson  9:  Honoring Parents                             Sis Budden
Mar 18    Lesson 10:  Supporting Family Members           Sis Budden
Mar 25    Lesson 11/12:   Growing and Maturing...1&2     Sis Budden
Apr 1      General Conference

Arise and Shine as We Honor the Priesthood

Apr 8      Lesson 13:  Sustaining Priesthood Bearers           Sis Davis
Apr 15    Lesson 14:  Patriarchal Leadership in the...          Sis Budden
Apr 22    Lesson 15:  The Melchizedek Priesthood             Sis Budden
Apr 29    Lesson 16:  Women and Priesthood Bearers        Sis Budden

Arise and Shine and Go to the Temple

May 6      Lesson 17:  The Purpose of Covenants and...        Sis Olsen
May 13    Lesson 18:  Temple Marriage- Requirement...      Sis Budden
May 20    Lesson 19:  Personal Records                               Sis Budden
May 27    Lesson 20:  Reach Out to Others                          Sis Budden

Arise and Shine as We Love Others and Ourselves

3 Jun       Lesson 21:  A Righteous Example Influences...   Sis Stevens
10 Jun     Lesson 22:  Repentence                                        Sis Budden
17 Jun     Stake Conference
24 Jun     Lesson 23:  Forgiveness                                       Sis Budden

Arise and Shine and Increase Your Spirituality

1 Jul       Lesson 24:  Prayer and Meditation                      Sis Davis
8 Jul       Lesson 25:  Sabbath Day                                     Sis Budden
15 Jul     Lesson 26:  Testimony                                         Sis Budden
22 Jul     Lesson 27:  Scripture Study                                 Sis Budden
29 Jul:    Lesson 28:  Resisting Sin                                    5th Sunday

Arise and Shine as We Love Our Bodies

5 Aug       Lesson 37:  Caring for Our Physical Bodies          Sis Olsen
12 Aug     Lesson 38:  Nutrition and the Word of Wisdom     Sis Budden
19 Aug     Lesson 39:  Drug Abuse                                         Sis Budden
26 Aug     Lesson 40:  Health Care in the Home                     Sis Budden

Arise and Shine as We Live a Virtuous Life

Sep 2       Lesson 31:  Group Activities: Wise Dating                  Sis Stevens
Sep 9       Lesson 32:  Personal Purity through Self-Discipline    Sis Budden
Sep 16     Lesson 33:  Avoiding Degrading Media...                    Sis Budden
Sep 23     Lesson 34:  Worthy Thoughts                                       Sis Budden
Sep 30     Lesson 36:  The Importance of Truth...                        5th Sunday

Arise and Shine as We Develop Socially and Emotionally

Oct 7       General Conference
Oct 14     Lesson 41:  The Ability to Succeed                                 Sis Olsen
Oct 21     Lesson 42:  Courage to Try                                              Sis Budden
Oct 28     Lesson 35/43:  Living Righteously/Righteous Living     Sis Budden

Arise and Shine as We Manage Personal Resources

Nov 4       Lesson 44:  Using Time Wisely                                Sis Olsen
Nov 11     Lesson 45:  The Value of Work                                 Sis Budden
Nov 18     Lesson 46:  The Purpose and Value of Education     Sis Budden
Nov 25     Lesson 47:  Encouraging and Development of...      Sis Budden

Arise and Shine and Be a Leader

Dec 2        Lesson 48:  Short Range Goals as Stepping Stones     Sis Stevens
Dec. 9       Lesson 49:  Delegating Responsibility to Others         Sis Budden
Dec. 16     Lesson 30:  Service                                                      Sis Budden
Dec. 23     Christmas                                                                    Sis Budden
Dec. 30     Lesson 29:  The Second Coming                                 5th Sunday