Modesty Tips

Modest Chic with Modern Flair

See “For the Strength of Youth” for dress and appearance guidelines set by the Church

Problem: Modest fashion is difficult to find today! Many of the “trendy” styles are strapless, sleeveless, and short! How can I be fashionable while respecting my body with modesty?

Solution 1: Layering

The extender tanks (an undershirt)
·         Longer lengths to prevent “the plumber’s problem”
·         Higher necklines to cover cleavage
·         Some have wider straps for too-wide necklines
Cap sleeve Ts
·         Wear under sheer shirts or tank tops
·         Also have longer lengths and higher necklines
·         Fashionable way to add sleeves
·         Various sleeve lengths for various seasons
Extender Slips
·         Peek-a-boo trim that is meant to be seen to lengthen skirts/dresses

Solution 2: Modify / Make Modest Clothing

Skirt Slits
·         Sew slits together if possible
·         Sew a pretty piece of fabric or layered lace into the slit
Plunging Necklines
·         If it’s a V-neck or wrap top, sew the V together a bit higher
·         Sew in a pretty piece of fabric or layered lace
Short Hemlines
·         Take out the hemline
·         Add ruffles, fabric, or layered crinoline to the hemline

Solution 3: Shop Modest Clothing from Modern Retailers

Bermuda shorts, board shorts, capris, shrugs, tankinis, and layers are all in style right now! Such modest items can be found at various shops like Wal Mart, Old Navy, JC Penney, American Eagle, etc. However, when you are looking for something specific, you can't go wrong by shopping at retailers that sell only modest clothing. Below is a comprehensive list of such retailers for your browsing pleasure!

A Bit of Everything
 Modestly designed dresses, skirts, shorts, swimwear, tops, and undershirts with higher necklines and longer lengths!

Modest Swimwear

 Modest Wedding and Formal Gowns

Peek-a-Boo Extender Slips (type style # 83000 into search box for slips, or "coverage options" to see their great selection of formal wear shrugs!)

Check out this video below to see how modern LDS girls are being chic and modest for prom!