Calendar 2011

August:  **Virtue**
   3rd- MUTUAL- Pool Party at Sister Stewart's house!
   10th- NO MUTUAL- Attend Fireside on 13th instead!
   13th- Stake Youth Fireside, 7-10pm Tule Lake High School
   17th- MUTUAL- Personal Progress- bring books, binders, and journals!
   20th- Temple Trip @ 3pm
   21st - Stake Conference @ 10am
   24th- MUTUAL-Personal Progress Continued- bring books, binders, and journals!
   31st- MUTUAL-Back to School Sleepover

September:  ** Faith**
   7th- MUTUAL- Y.M. hosting-
   10th- YW/YM Tailgate cookoff and dance @ 3pm
   14th- MUTUAL-
   17th- Stake Day of Service
   21st- MUTUAL-
   24th- General RS Meeting
   28th- MUTUAL-

October:  ** Divine Nature**
   1st- General Conference
   2nd- General Conference and CHERRISH'S BIRTHDAY!
   5th- MUTUAL- Combined- Y.W. hosting-
   8th- YM/ YW Fall Regional Activity
   12th- MUTUAL-
   19th- MUTUAL-
   22nd- Temple Trip @ 12:30 and Stake Leadership meeting @ 10:00 am
   26th- MUTUAL-
   31st- Halloween

November: ** Individual Worth**
   2nd- MUTUAL- Combined-Y.M. hosting-
   6th- Time change- set clocks back 1 hour
   9th- MUTUAL-
   16th- MUTUAL-
   20th- Stake Youth Fireside @ 6:00pm
   23rd- MUTUAL-
   30th- MUTUAL-
December:  ** Knowledge**
   4th- 1st Pres. Christmas Devotional
   7th- MUTUAL- Combined- Y.M. hosting-
   10th- Stake YM/ YW Service Project
   14th- MUTUAL-
   21st- MUTUAL-
   25th- Christmas
   28th- MUTUAL-