Sunday, August 7, 2011

Choice & Accountability #2: Personal Progress Activity

Value Experience:  Choice & Accountability #2
Date:  September 29, 2010
Leaders:  Sister Richardson, Stevens, and Shearer
Young Women:  Linly, Kylie, Callie, Jessica, Rachel, Michaela, Olivia, Brook, Aunika

Accomplished at Activity:
  • Read highlights of "For the Strength of Youth"
  • Discussed importance of living each value and connected values to Young Women values while making a crystal value ring
  • Chose 3 standards we discussed to improve in your life and committed to practice improving them for 3 weeks
Still Need To Do:
  • Read entire "For the Strength of Youth" and in your journal, list each standard of righteous behavior that is outlined.
  • Record why it is important to choose to live the standards
  • Record the 3 standards you chose to work on improving and share your progress for improving these standards with your family, class, or leader after 3 weeks

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